All Things Plankinton

I am starting a new research project.  Born and raised in Plankinton, South Dakota, and now living in the Milwaukee area, I am on a mission to create the Plankinton history.  That includes John Plankinton, a wealthy business man and one of the early industrialists in Milwaukee in the later half of the nineteenth century; his daughter Elizabeth, a wealthy patron of the arts and rejected bride, and the the town of Plankinton, for which no history has been written.

As I collect my sources, I’ll add the information to my blog and create a timeline and citation list. I’m also using this as a practical experience to learn new technology tools for creating digital histories. Oh, yes.  I’m  a graduate student at UW-Milwaukee studying public history. We’ll see how this goes!


About RPJHistories

Graduate Student UW Milwaukee, studying Public History. Background in computer science, non-profit management, politics. Interested in Midwest history and using digital tools to produce and share historical information.
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